Why Choose TalkTalk?


Let’s face it, telecoms are at the heart of every business and a trusted partner who can provide an unparalleled service is essential. We already know that TalkTalk is the obvious choice and here’s why…

Since 2005, we’ve continuously provided our customers with the industry’s finest solutions. This means you reap the benefits of having a team of experts who manage thousands of clients and their specific requirements on a daily basis. Experts you can trust! Our track record speaks volumes; and our emphasis on customer satisfaction in unwavering.

Uptime is a non-negotiable when it comes to a business’s communications. TalkTalk boasts its very own infrastructure built from the ground up with built in redundancies and maximum availability to meet all of your telecoms needs. Our stable, secure and rapidly recoverable environment offers absolute reliability.

Commitment and devotion are our watchwords when it comes to TalkTalk customer care. Our team is on hand 24/7 to provide personalized, fast and reliable, live technical support. Just ask any of our clients and they’ll testify to the exceptional quality of our support; something we’re extremely proud of.

Since inception, our focus has exclusively been directed on improving communications in South Africa. This ongoing commitment has allowed us to develop unmatched expertise. After all, it’s good business for us to ensure you’re happy with your communication requirements and we work really hard to achieve this. In fact, we’re as proud to serve a 5-user business as we are serving organizations with hundreds of users. 

When you choose TalkTalk you’ll benefit from the thoughtfulness of a certified team. Our unmatched ability to innovate and adapt allows us to provide solutions for just about any problem. Owning our own Voice network allows us to provide highly scalable solutions that can be easily adapted to your specific needs and adjusted as your organization grows.