SIP Trunking

First off, let’s explain SIP Trunking:

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking is the use of Voice over IP (VoIP) to facilitate a voice call over the internet from a private branch exchange (PBX),IP telephone handset or smartphone. Got it? Great!

Our SIP TRUNKING service works as follows:

  • SIP Trunks are linked to a customer’s telephone system (an IP enabled PBX, VoIP conventional PBX, IP Telephone Handset or Mobile device.)
  • Outgoing calls are routed out via the SIP Port instead of using costly traditional phone lines.
  • Multiple calls can be made over the same line – One of the great features of SIP Trunking is that you no longer need to have a fixed line per call.

Basically, a single Internet connection replaces the conventional telephone lines, allowing an enterprise to communicate with fixed and mobile telephone subscribers’ worldwide -simultaneously.

The benefits of SIP TRUNK make it the obvious choice for larger organisations:

  • It offers flexibility and considerable cost savings.
  • Your business efficiency is improved
  • Using SIP trunks in your converged voice and data network, you can assign bandwidth to other needs like email and Internet use.
  • SIP trunks route multiple calls from local to international at a reduced cost.
  • Another fantastic benefit of SIP TRUNK is that travelers or stay-at-home personnel can stay connected to HQ via the Internet.
  • SIP TRUNK also eliminates the cost of internal communications.

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