Hosted (Virtual PBX)

You’ve probably already made use of the Cloud without even knowing it. It’s a service that allows you to host, save and share data via the Cloud (which means that everything you do is accessed & housed on the web and doesn’t sit on your hardware.)

The Cloud has now evolved from simple data hosting to HOSTED PBX services via the Cloud

The benefits speak for themselves:

  • Reduction in call costs
  • Only pay for what you need
  • Constant, automated upgrades to the latest technology
  • Reliability
  • Offers the full suite of services that you’d get from a traditional PBX
  • Scalability is a breeze
  • No installations or maintenance of PBX hardware
  • Built in redundancies keep you “always on”
  • TalkTalk is always on-hand to provide technical support
  • Integration with other value-added Cloud products like Link and CRM

The TalkTalk HOSTED PBX offering is twofold. You can make use of our Hosted PBX Service or we can set up your own Hosted PBX Exchange.

TalkTalk Hosted PBX Solution:

  • The need to purchase, set up and manage on-site PBX equipment is eliminated – All you need is a phone and a SIP Trunk
  • We host your exchange and you use it on a per user basis.
  • It boasts automated updates, and you only pay for what you use.

Some of the features include:

  • Hold
  • Music on hold
  • Do not disturb
  • Call transfer: blind and attended
  • Follow me / Find me (based on ID of incoming call), sequential or ring to all
  • Voicemail boxes with personalised voice greetings for different caller Ids
  • Hunt/Ring groups   

Virtual PBX Exchange

  • This is the best choice if your enterprise wants control over its technical communications infrastructure.
  • All the call cost savings and features of a hosted solution are still available, but you’ll need to buy on-site PBX infrastructure and use the Virtual PBX Exchange to connect branches and users on a single platform providing free calls between mobile and branch users.
  • You have full control via our web portal to route all your inbound numbers to PBX at each branch or set up automatic diverts
  • This is a great option for large organisations looking to consolidate all branches on a single platform

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