About Talk Talk


Converged Mobility

TalkTalk successfully combines cost-efficiency and cutting-edge technology into one simple communications solution. In fact we’re proud to be one of the elite telecoms providers in South Africa owning our own category 5 Data Vault and consequently our own national network. This gives us total control of the service we provide; and gives you the reliability you’ll depend on.


Team Talk

Our team really does talk the talk, boasting noteworthy credentials in IP technology development, PBX and Hosted solutions. We understand your needs and have the technical expertise to bring you the best-of-breed communication and telephony service to you without limitations.

  • What we WON’T DO is dump generic, blanket solutions into your lap.
  • What we WILL DO is work with you to customise and tweak the system so that it delivers exactly what you want.

Delivering customised communications systems that make sense; for your business and for you, is our speciality.  We’re passionate about what we do and that’s why we do it well. Doing it well means bringing you the most easy-to-use service without the hassle that you’ve come to expect from traditional telecoms providers. With TalkTalk you have total control of your telecoms via a simple dashboard.