• The time to TALKTALK is now!

    The time to TALKTALK is now!

    It’s time to talk the talk when it comes to truly embracing today’s communications technology.
    It’s time to talk the talk about flexibility and scalable, customised telephony solutions.
    It’s time to answer the call that puts you in control.
    The time to TALKTALK is now!

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TalkTalk delivers VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology to keep you connected at a fraction of the cost of traditional telephony. Say hello to TalkTalk’s low-maintenance, flexible communications solution that can be as simple or complex as you or your business need it to be. Partner with us to enjoy the rewards of our all-inclusive quality telecoms solution packages that can all be accessed via single dashboard – Intuitive and easy to use. It’s your call after all. Getting started is easy; all you need to do is TalkTalk!

Converged mobility doesn’t get better than this!

We’re not going to mystify you with technical lingo because our products talk for themselves.

Get talking today

  • You’ll get a VOIP LINK to more efficiently route and handle all your organisations calls whether they’re land line, mobile, internal or external
  • Simple scalability means you can customise your TalkTalk package to meet your unique needs by picking and choosing only the features you need
  • You not only save on call costs, you also avoid paying for unnecessary services
  • We own our own vault, network and IP’s, from which we host our services, giving us (and you) total control
  • We offer hosted and on-site managed solutions
  • Converged mobility that means you can use your mobile phone to connect from anywhere in the world via your company’s network solution
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Why pick up the call to TalkTalk?

  • Getting started is super simple
  • Our Class 5 VoIP Switch offers the best features for end-users for local and long distance calls
  • Reliability with Last Mile connectivity by owning our own network
  • Connect anywhere, anytime with our complete Hosted based solution
  • Mobile phone Dialler keeps you in touch at a fraction of the cost
  • We’re a one-stop shop, ready to meet your telecommunication requirements
  • Our built in redundancies will keep you “always on”
  • Commitment, expertise, reliability, agility and top notch 24/7 support

Thank you for your outstanding service. Your dedication is commendable and it pleasing to know that there are still people left that believe in fantastic customer service.

James Grcic, Computer Storage Services

Excellent service from TalkTalk. We managed to reduce our telephone expense by 55%. Keep up the good work

Maryna Homann, Skyclass

Received outstanding service from placing the order to installation. With a transition from our old analogue PABX to a new Voice over IP system that has been a breeze for the company and thank you to the TalkTalk team.

Andrew Hill, Conekt Business Group